Advice. Coaching. Strategic Life Planning. Conditioning. Performance Improvement.

Life unfolds based on choices. You either live consciously (by design) or unconsciously (by default). We help individuals/organizations  define "SUCCESS" and work with them to create the strategies to ensure that they achieve it. It is a nuDESIGN for living.

Mark has a brilliant mind that gets at the heart of truth which creates the space for understanding and ultimately transformation. He is compassionate, kind, honest, thoughtful and a beautiful human being. I have had the pleasure of working with him for many years, without which I would not have achieved the clarity and success I am grateful for today.
— M. Cunningham
Mark Ward’s direction and insight were invaluable to me during a time when I was pushing myself to make necessary but difficult changes in my life. His mentoring kept me focused on goals and intentions that had previously eluded my persistence and attention.
— K. Harvey
Mark is truly insightful and gets to the core of an issue quickly. If you’re frustrated with feeling blocked, unmotivated, and unproductive and if you’re now ready for focus, direction, and clarity in your life... you’re ready for Mark Ward! He’ll empower you to move beyond old beliefs and limitations... allowing you to create wonderful new results in your life!
— M. Krcilek
Rigor, integrity, insightful, savvy, commitment, and contribution are the words that best describe Mark Ward and his work. He understands the need for and value of results, along with the need for and value of the quality of the journey in ‘getting there’ and being present in the moment. A truly gifted individual who makes a life-altering difference for people.
— D. Michels
Mark doesn’t provide magical answers — he doesn’t tell you anything that you don’t already know, at least on some level. What he does is provide the structure and the pathway to help you find the answers yourself. .I found Mark to be extremely flexible and open to my thoughts and concerns. If there was an exercise that I wasn’t enjoying or just didn’t like, I was very comfortable expressing my feelings. That doesn’t mean that I got out of doing the exercise! But additional conversation both clarified why Mark felt it was important and also gave us the opportunity to discuss how the exercise could be made more meaningful for me.
— S. Henry
Mark has razor sharp intuition and cuts through any seeming blocks that are prohibiting you from moving forward. He works in a very compassionate manner, posing questions that allow YOU to answer questions which lead to resolving your challenges. I have found this approach to be the most effective way to own my ‘stuff.’ It works with rapid results because he does not preach at you or to you. You are the problem solver in your own equation. Once you have worked with Mark, you begin asking yourself ‘the question’ and therefore you become attuned to your blocks before they prohibit you from moving forward. He is a genius, and he is absolutely amazing!
— A. Masson
Mark is a loving, caring, humorous and no-nonsense person! He was masterful (and somewhat of a magician) at coaching me to achieve my stated goals!
— --Dr. M. Stewart-Pellegrini
I’ve known Mark Ward for 20 years - he is my dear friend, spiritual confidante and teacher. Mark has the rare ability to listen... truly listen to what a person is ‘saying’ rather than simply the words they vocalize. 20 years ago, I knew he was one of those people who was fun to be around and somehow “uplifting.” I have since realized that, though I don’t always welcome what he has to say immediately upon hearing it, the seeds of his observations and advice always take root in my mind and move me to new growth. This is quite valuable in a friend and an exceptional gift from a teacher.
— D. Blanchard
Mark is insightful and has helped me think of new ways to actualize my dreams with intention and focus. If you want support or mentorship in planning your career and life goals so that you can live the life you desire, I would encourage you to contact Mark and try out one of his programs.
— S. Paweni
Mark is a powerful, encouraging and vibrant presence from the very moment you meet him. He is encouraging with out being overbearing. On this journey, his sense of humor and acceptance is a welcome trait when things get hard, (such as being completely honest with yourself) – and it is always worth it when you come out on the other side. When I get bogged down and overwhelmed with perceived obstacles, Mark helps me refocus and take on ‘bit-sized chunks’ until I am back on track. The benefits of life coaching are something you don’t have to wait for – they come almost immediately.
— J. Lambert
I don’t know about you, but my life can get pretty confusing—relationships, competing priorities, blind-spots, shadow energy—to name only a few. Mark Ward coaches me to a laser sharpness that cuts through the disarray and gets results.
— Dr. R. Geer
Mark provided me with some tools that gave me hope and inspired me to think more positively everyday. It has been over 6 months since our work but I continue to use what I learned to stay focused, confident and most of all to be a positive person
— A. Morales
Mark is a partner in helping to explore your inner self’s possibilities. A detective with very effective tools to remind yourself of why you’re so great after all
— K. Winer
Mark is kind, compassionate, inquisitive, caring, thoughtful, good listener, etc. But don’t let that fool you - Mark has a quick wit and a great sense of humor too! With Mark’s guidance, I have been able to see situations from another perspective. Mark is gentle, yet persistent. Mark challenges me to dig deeper for answers. For example, if I give him a response such as ‘I don’t know’, Mark asks probing questions to help me get to the root of the issue. All this is done in a supportive and caring way. Working with Mark has really helped me to see my life through ‘new eyes.’
— T. Rattenbury
Mark is one of the very few professionals I know with the rare ability to listen to and focus on what was not said and say what needs to be said in a compassionate and caring manner. He has the ability to be concrete and yet insightful; He has the ability to be direct, positive and at the same time has the patience to let people move (and grow) at their own pace. His name should be in everyone’s short list of people to know.
— R. Kirchner
I have the honor of knowing Mark Ward for just about one year now. He is an outstanding example of integrity and motivation. Mark ‘walks the talk’ and integrates his spiritual gifts into every aspect of his life. Simply put, he motivates others while drawing wisdom, strength and guidance from The Creator. Mark is a joy to work with, to be present with and to befriend. One of his greatest gifts is in viewpoint perspective. Mark is consistent with focusing in on particular points-of-view, while retaining a broader scope, allowing increased growth and appreciation. I am nothing short of honored to have joined Mark on the journey in life, no matter the length of time.
— J. Archeambeau
Mark is a great listener and has a gift of asking the right questions to continue my inquiry into the why of my behavior and things I want to work on. He was always willing to guide me without being judgmental and I found him to be very supportive.
— C. Weston
I appreciate Mark’s intelligence. He focuses carefully on the matter at hand without a lot of wasted verbiage. I like his “educator\’s tools” also. These include simple thought time taken during a discussion, defining and sharpening outcome statements, and the use of evidence as the basis for nearly anything to be decided upon and undertaken. As someone with a science background and from a medical family, I appreciate these traits and practices. That is because their effect is to produce not only maximum results but precise ones that fit the need. People engage consultants partly for greater clarity, and Mark keeps that need firmly in his view.
— R. Murray
Mark is not a coach or a cheerleader or a guru. Rather, he is akin to a good investigative reporter, one who poses difficult and necessary questions. Mark helped me identify and confront my sneaky habits of procrastination and self-doubt, which (with much work) led to a series of breakthroughs. I have clarified my personal philosophy, make more conscious and self-informed choices, and kick myself into action when habit and fear tell me not to. I am no longer undermining my intent to create – I am actively writing, as I have always wanted.
— M. Hinds